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If you found this site while looking for addiction information or for fans of the Saw movies then I am sorry to disappoint. On the other hand, this is site of the only chainsaw carver who live carves portraits with a chainsaw. Sit back, enjoy the show and maybe await 

About Me

My Background


As a former landscape designer and certified arborist wood speaks to me. Each kind of wood has unique character that I use to fulfil my design goals.

My Medium


I ideas come before any materials are selected. Materials are more the items of substance of commerce than the content of art. That said, I have selected to use chainsaws as my tool of choice. They are about as democratic a tool as I can imagine. They are associated with cheap and shallow ideas of art. 

My Inspiration


I like conundrums, complexities and objects or events that can be artifacts of those things. The relationship of audience to artist as experienced through art is a constant telegraph to the future. Yes the brain is the most erotic organ. Lets celebrate that. Candy for the brain.

Live carving someone's image, trying to capture a bit of their soul in wood requires trust and attention. this performance art is about trusting yourself in a cage with a guy who has a chainsaw and giving in to being your honest self. 

My Blog